Planting at the Saddle

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The Friends of Hanging Rock have had a lot of working bees over the years, but Sunday 17 May was special. This is the first time we have planted actually up on the Rock.

We planted at the Saddle – a point about three-quarters of the way up, where the path widens and the opportunity presents itself to start checking out the different rock formations. It’s a fascinating area to explore, although for this reason some of the many visitors have unwittingly contributed to its degradation.

Hanging Rock saddle
Hanging Rock saddle

On this stunning autumn morning the plan was to revegetate two main sections of the area with 400 plants, over around 210 square metres of ground. We planted locally sourced, indigenous native grasses and under-storey species: Cassinia longifolia (Shiny Cassinia), Hakea decurrens (Needle Hakea), Poa labilliardieri (Tall tussock grass), Lomandra longifolia (Spiny Mat-rush), Austrodanthonia sp. (Wallaby Grass), Bulbine bulbosa (Bulbine Lily) and Pultenea daphnoides (Daphne leaved putenaea).

This mix will help combat the erosion that has been occurring at this particular area of Hanging Rock. The two main areas planted were a section alongside the path leading up to the saddle, and a large area in front of the rock formations. We arranged fallen branches around the newly planted areas, to discourage both human and wallaby visitors from trampling (or nibbling!) the plants.

Hanging Rock saddle
2015-05-17 11.27.28
2015-05-17 10.03.28
2015-05-17 11.22.00
Twelve energetic locals had everything planted and all equipment back down the Rock by midday, leaving plenty of time for a delicious barbecue in the glorious sunshine. With more helpers we will be back soon to work on other areas of Hanging Rock. Join us to find out about how you can help with future projects.

Planting at the saddle2015-05-17 11.31.18


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